The 1girl Blog


10 MAY

Nene is a smart, energetic and friendly 6th grader at KIPP middle school. She loves to debate and express her opinion on [...]

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10 MAR

Nija is an energetic and friendly sixth grader. On any given day, you can walk into our program and you will see Nija in [...]

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Learning from Failure

04 FEB

Last Wednesday, the girls had a debate. We split them into two teams and then told them what they would be debating: The [...]

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New Site Announcement

23 OCT

We are happy to announce that we have officially decided what site we will be bringing 1girl to next! After working har [...]

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Katherine, Destiny, Shelby, Taylor, Kyra

10 JUL

Katherine, Destiny, Shelby, Taylor, (left to right) and Kyra (not pictured) all teamed up to work on their projects tog [...]

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