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First Ever All-Ohio 1girl Leadership Conference

03 NOV

Over the (freezing cold) first weekend of November, ten students across all three of our Ohio collegiate chapters (1girl [...]

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Early Empowerment for Later Leadership

03 DEC

Cover image from By: Sophie Hurewitz Women compose just over half of the country’s population and yet on [...]

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10 JUL

By the end of the first day of the 1girl program at Broad Street, Stacey had already stood out as a sharp, ambitious eig [...]

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10 JUN

Ayanna entered our program as a timid seventh grader. She kept her head lowered and never raised her hand. The first tim [...]

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Sponsor a girl

07 MAY

As we expand and grow in this next year, 1girl is striving to include all of the community in our efforts. A very simple [...]

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Public Speaking Challenge

10 APR

On Monday, each girl at Champion had to give a three minute speech. We wanted to work on their public speaking skills [...]

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KIPP: Columbus

14 MAR

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with KIPP: Columbus! We began our program at KIPP this week, and we al [...]

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Getting to know the girls

04 DEC

It is very important to get to know each of our girls individually, so we set up one-on-one meetings to talk about their [...]

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Project Brainstorming

20 NOV

We only had one day of 1girl this week, and we began to focus on the project. We wanted the girls to start to think seri [...]

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