IMG_2244Tealiah is a sweet girl with a lot of interests. She is very interested in learning about different cultures. Specifically, she wants to learn more about India and Spain. In addition, she likes cooking, playing games, and learning about apps. She has a lot of ideas for a project, and it’s clear that it will be difficult for her to settle on just one. One of her ideas is to cook an Indian meal and host a community event to serve it. Tealiah thinks this would be a great way to make sure everyone in her community has a nice, hot meal and learns a little bit about Indian culture. Tealiah is also fascinated by the idea of going to college, so she might focus on learning more about college for her project instead. Her final idea was to try to meet with different game and app developers in the community to learn more about what they do and how. Of course, we’ll encourage her to explore all three ideas!

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