Timelines and Lessons Learned

IMG_2347We are finally back with the girls after a long winter break! The snowstorm this week meant we only had one day with them, and we focused that day on their projects. The girls spent the time creating timelines for what they want to accomplish over the next three months.

As we expected, the girls lost some progress in the time away. While we do as much as we can to push them to think big, their world is pushing back. They are being held back for many reasons, and their minds seem to constantly go towards why they can’t accomplish something rather than why they can.

Towards the middle of December, we started to see a shift in how they were thinking. They started to think bigger and dream of ideas they had never before thought possible. In three weeks, they regressed slightly. There is success in this story, though! While they regressed from where they were in December, they are still miles ahead of where they started back in October. In less than three months, we have seen tremendous changed that was still present after three weeks away from us.

We have decided to focus on bringing in speakers from the community who can serve as role models for the girls. They have made it clear that there are very few people they have as mentors, so they do not see that success is possible. Hopefully meeting people with a “can-do” attitude from backgrounds similar to theirs will help them to maintain the progress they are making!

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