Twenty Questions

IMG_2290Each girl started the day on Monday by listing something she was curious about. We heard lots of different things: math, animals, why there aren’t cures for certain diseases. We wanted the girls to really think about the things that make them wonder.

Each of the girls then wrote down twenty questions they didn’t know the answer to. It could be anything. There were questions like: Are dogs born with fur? Is HIV and aids the same thing? How do you make a website?

After the first five or so questions, the girls were forced to really start thinking about the things they didn’t understand in order to come up with enough questions. On Tuesday when they came in, we told them to look up the answers to the questions. At first, of course, they didn’t want to. It felt like school to them.

But once they started searching, something strange happened. They did not want to stop. They wanted to learn everything they could about the topics they were asking about. They were extremely curious because they were looking up things that they had always wondered about. They groaned when we said they had two more minutes left. “But I’m not finished!” Nija protested. It was great to see the girls get so into the activity—an educational activity—that they didn’t want to leave!

As we move forward, we will work to use these curiosities to encourage more discussion, more questions, and more learning!

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