Understanding Board Diversity

Huff_Post1girl is committed to working with middle school girls and college aged women to develop their leadership potential. Eventually these young girls and women become adults and enter the workforce. Equipped with skills, talent, and passion, these girls often venture into corporate America only to find that the business world does not meet them with open arms. In a recent Huffington Post article, “The Simple Math of Board Diversity,” Shelley Bird discusses the lack of diversity on corporate boards. With the recent decrease in board sizes, female representation on these boards has come almost to a standstill. In the United States only 16.9 percent of board seats are held by women. The issue, however, isn’t that women are not talented or experienced. The issue of lack of diversity “is not a supply problem; it is a demand problem,” Shelley notes. There is a pool of untapped potential in women in the corporate world, and businesses are slowly but surely realizing what a benefit it is to invest in women!

This article reflects the need for programs like 1girl that tackle the issue of leadership development among adolescent/young adult girls. Deliberate efforts need to be made to include women in these leadership positions–not just for the success of these businesses, but for the prosperity of our world.

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