Where are the Women?

prezIt was very important to us to make it clear to the girls why we have 1girl. On Monday, we all sat in a circle and discussed it. The girls confessed that they had been in girls groups before but didn’t know why.

We talked about what it is like to be a girl in our culture. The girls talked about examples of professions that are made up of mostly men. The one they seemed most interested with was the president of the United States. They asked why there had never been a female president, but they couldn’t answer the question. After talking about it for a while, they came to the conclusion that there should be both a male and a female president, so that people who understand all different types of issues run the country together.

We then talked about what they wanted to get out of 1girl and what types of activities they wanted to do. They shared lots of great ideas, such as games, making t-shirts, taking field trips, and doing final presentation to show what they have learned. They wanted to learn about college, careers, and other cultures. Some of the traits they wanted to work to improve were their speaking skills and listening skills.

On Tuesday, we continued the discussion about women in our culture and opened it up to talk about other cultures. Aditi and Sheila shared their experiences growing up in why_we_have_too_few_women_leaders_4countries that did not always value women, and the girls were interested to hear about the state of women and education around the world.

We are truly starting to see a shift in these girls already. This week, they listened intently, shared their thoughts, and seemed eager to continue the discussions when time was up. It is clear to us how intelligent, creative, and passionate these girls are now that they have the opportunity to express it! We’re looking forward to them opening up even more as we move forward.

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