Writing Workshop at Broad Street

IMG_2726We had a great day on Tuesday with the girls at Broad Street Presbyterian Church. An employee from Thurber House, a literacy center, came to work with the girls on their creative writing skills. Watching the girls’ imaginations come alive was so exciting!

We started the day by writing stories that everyone contributed to. We each had our own piece of paper and wrote a sentence or two to start our story. Then we passed our papers around the circle and everyone added another sentence to they story. The catch is that we were only allowed to read the last sentence that had been written! This made for some very interesting stories once we were finished, but it was a great warm-up and the girls got excited about making up fictional stories.

Our second activity was to create our own character. We came up with a name, a background, personality, and other details about our very own character. We were then assigned a place or situation where our character would be found and we had to write for five minutes about that situation. One of our girl’s characters was to be found inside a vending machine and she had an absolute blast creating a story about how that unlikely event happened!

The girls were anxious to share their stories with the group and you could see that they were proud and excited about the work that they did. We were also very proud of their genuine interest and enthusiasm about these activities. We even had a student tell us that she was going to continue to write her story and share the rest of it with us on our next activity day. It is heartwarming to see the girl’s excitement over the activities and put everything into them!

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